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Calling all our under 18s
by Moodle Support - Friday, 8 March 2019, 9:28 AM

Take part in the Degree level apprenticeship survey which is being conducted by Universities UK (UUK) and the National Education Opportunities Network (NEON).

This survey aims to get your opinions on various post-18 qualifications. The Survey asks a series of questions to try and understand what you plan to do in the future, why you have chosen the route you have chosen, whether you feel equipped to make choices about what you want to do, and how the quality of information required to make decisions about your future can be improved. We wish to gain an understanding of factors which influence the decisions young people make at the age of 18, and therefore wish to speak to students, like yourself, in years 12 and year 10 who are representative of this group. They hope this information will help to improve information for people considering their future options. To take part follow this link: